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Elan J Golan, MD

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For some cases of severe shoulder damage, shoulder surgery may be the most effective way to restore your health and get you back to your sport. Fellowship-trained sports medicine and orthopedic surgery specialist Elan Golan, MD, uses cutting-edge surgical techniques to repair your shoulder at his Snellville, Georgia, practice. Dr. Golan specializes in shoulder injuries in throwing and overhead athletes, and with this unique skill set, he can tailor your entire recovery to your sport and needs. Book an appointment online or call the office now.

Shoulder Surgery Q & A

When might I need shoulder surgery?

If you have a serious shoulder injury, particularly one that’s causing shoulder pain, instability, or issues like a reduced range of motion, you may need shoulder surgery. Many athletes who have shoulder injuries need surgery to return to their sport successfully.

Some shoulder injuries that may require surgery include: 

  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Labral tears
  • SLAP (superior labrum anterior to posterior) tears
  • Tendon tears
  • Internal shoulder impingement
  • Chronic shoulder instability
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder fractures

Generally, Dr. Golan only recommends shoulder surgery if your injury doesn’t improve with conservative medical approaches like physical therapy and activity modification. 

How does shoulder surgery work?

Dr. Golan specializes in minimally invasive and reconstructive surgery using highly advanced shoulder arthroscopy techniques. In shoulder arthroscopy, Dr. Golan creates a tiny incision above your shoulder joint. 

He places an arthroscope — a tool with a miniature camera — into the incision. The arthroscope sends images to an in-room monitor, where Dr. Golan views your shoulder in great detail. 

After examining your shoulder joint closely, Dr. Golan creates one to three additional tiny incisions. He moves surgical tools through these openings and repairs your shoulder as he views the area on the monitor.

The specifics of the shoulder surgery vary with your injury. Dr. Golan can remove dead tissue, reconnect torn tissue, perform tissue grafts, and restore or reconstruct your shoulder in any way necessary. 

Dr. Golan employs minimally invasive techniques that cause less bleeding, less muscle damage, reduced risk of infection, smaller scars, and much less pain during recovery. 

How does recovery work after shoulder surgery?

Dr. Golan makes sure you fully understand your injury, your surgical repair, and your recovery plans to maximize your results. The needs of every athlete are different based upon how they need to use their shoulder, so he designs a sport-specific recovery plan for your situation. 

Usually, shoulder surgery requires you to use some type of immobilization device or bandage in the early days of recovery. 

Rehab includes physical therapy as well as home exercises. Usually, after shoulder surgery, you’re able to start rehabilitation almost right away. Follow your recovery protocol strictly to make sure you’re 100% when you get back to your sport.  

For shoulder surgery from an esteemed surgical specialist who understands your needs as an athlete, call Elan Golan, MD, or click on the appointment scheduler now.