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People often think of hip pain as an aging issue, but in many cases, it’s actually related to sports injuries. In his private practice in Snellville, Georgia, esteemed orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Elan Golan, MD, specializes in hip pain in athletes. Dr. Golan can diagnose and treat your hip pain using the most specialized techniques, helping you return to your sport with excellent flexibility and agility. Call the office or use the appointment button to schedule your consultation now.

Hip Pain Q & A

What complications does hip pain cause in athletes?

Hip pain can really throw you off your game. When you’re hurting, whether it’s just an occasional twinge or a constant ache, it’s natural to unconsciously favor the injured hip. When you change your stance and/or form to accommodate the injury, your risk of additional injuries increases dramatically. 

Hip pain can also extend beyond sports if untreated. Eventually, a chronic injury could impact your ability to walk or stand normally.

What causes hip pain in athletes?

Hip pain can occur for several different reasons, with athletes commonly experiencing issues such as:

Hip flexor strains

Hip flexor strains develop when one of the muscles in the front part of your hip grows overstretched or torn. This type of injury often occurs in athletes who regularly jump, kick, and run. 

Hip bursitis

Hip bursitis is inflammation in the fluid-filled sacs that normally minimize friction as you move. This condition commonly develops with repetitive stress, so it’s an overuse injury.

Labral tears

A labral tear is a tear within the cartilage that rims your outer hip joint. This injury often occurs in people who play soccer, football, and ice hockey.

Femoroacetabular impingement

Femoroacetabular impingement occurs when a bone abnormality causes the ball of your hip to pinch the cup part of your hip. This condition often occurs in athletes who play sports that require twisting movements, cutting motions, or sudden acceleration. 

These are only some of the many hip injuries that can affect athletes. Dr. Golan is an expert diagnostician who can evaluate your symptoms and determine the true reason for your injury. 

How is hip pain treated in athletes?

Dr. Golan treats hip pain according to your injury and the way it affects your body and life. With all treatments, his goal is to get you active and free of pain. 

Your treatment protocol commonly starts with nonsurgical care, including activity modification, physical therapy, and pain relief. 

If you need surgery to repair damage inside your hip, Dr. Golan commonly uses cutting-edge arthroscopic techniques with small incisions. Dr. Golan trained in specialized hip preservation techniques at the Fortius Clinic in London, United Kingdom, a FIFA Center of Excellence. 

The minimally invasive approach can significantly reduce infection risk, bleeding, and pain, as well as give you a faster recovery time.

For the best individualized hip pain care for athletes, call Elan Golan, MD, or click the provided booking link now.