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If you have tennis elbow, a severe ligament injury, or some other cause of recurrent pain, elbow surgery may be the most effective way to recapture normal function. In his Snellville, Georgia, practice, Elan Golan, MD, offers the most advanced elbow surgery options to repair the damage. If your goal is a life free from elbow pain, call the office or click on the appointment scheduling link now.

Elbow Surgery Q & A

What causes elbow pain and dysfunction?

In most injuries that require elbow surgery, overuse is the root cause of the pain and dysfunction. Elbow injuries are quite common in athletes who reach and throw, like baseball and softball players. 

Golfers and tennis players, who regularly grip and flex their hands, are also susceptible to elbow tendon injuries that may require surgery. 

Over time, repeating these same forceful motions countless times can cause serious damage to tendons, ligaments, and other tissues.

When might I need elbow surgery?

If you have an elbow injury that interferes with your activity level and nonsurgical treatments don’t resolve your symptoms, you could need elbow surgery. 

Some injuries, such as mild tendon inflammation, may resolve with rest, icing, immobilization, and other conservative strategies. Other injuries, like severe tendon damage and ligament tears, often require surgical repair. 

What does elbow surgery involve?

Because elbow pain and function issues can stem from many problems, each elbow surgery can be different. Common elbow surgeries include:

Elbow arthroscopy

Most elbow surgeries use minimally invasive techniques like arthroscopy, which uses button-sized incisions. With this technique, Dr. Golan uses a tiny fiber-optic camera to see your elbow from the inside as he performs any necessary repairs. 

During arthroscopic elbow surgery, Dr. Golan can reconnect, reinforce, or remove tissue as needed. 

Tommy John surgery

In ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction surgery, commonly called Tommy John surgery, Dr. Golan uses a tissue graft (usually your own tendon) to reconstruct the UCL in your outer elbow. The tissue graft then works as a scaffold to support new ligament growth.

Tommy John surgery can fully restore normal elbow function. For professional athletes, especially those in throwing sports like baseball, Tommy John surgery can be a career-saving procedure. 

Dr. Golan carefully considers your individual injury and the demands of your daily life (including sport-specific needs for athletes) when he plans and performs your elbow surgery. 

What happens after elbow surgery?

Dr. Golan works hand-in-hand with you to plan your whole recovery, including a customized rehab plan, following your elbow surgery. After surgery, physical therapy plays a big role in recapturing your strength, range of motion, and flexibility. 

You’ll also do special elbow and arm exercises at home after your surgery, and most people wear a sling to protect their elbow. Following Dr. Golan’s specific advice can help you resume your sport at full function.

For expert elbow injury management from the Atlanta area’s leading orthopedic sports medicine specialist, book your appointment by calling Elan Golan, MD, or by clicking the online scheduling tool now.